Reasons To Move To Folsom

A large number of people consider moving to the beautiful city of Folsom every year, and if you are one of these people, there are a few things you should know before you make the decision. The city of Folsom boasts some of the best job opportunities, family-oriented amenities, and beautiful housing options that are perfect for everyone’s taste.

1. Affordable housing

The median home value in the city of Folsom is around $510,000, while the average rental price is around $1600. There are more affordable options around the city, and overall life in Folsom is appealing to people who want to live close to the major cities such as San Francisco and San Hose, but want a lot more for their money than they would get there. Life in Folsom is quite wholesome, and there is no shortage of anything you could possibly need, while the housing options are quite affordable in contrast to the neighboring cities.

2. Job opportunities

Folsom boasts some of the best job opportunities in the area, which makes life in Folsom some of the best family-oriented communities in the city of Sacramento. If you’re looking for a great community with a large selection of job opportunities, where you are bound to excel in your career. Some of the largest employers in the community include Intel, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Mercy Hospital of Folsom, California ISO, Micron Technology, City of Folsom, Walmart and Verizon.

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3. The education

The public schools in Folsom are some of the best schools in Sacramento, and they are ranked higher than average. Folsom also boasts some of the best community colleges that offer reasonable tuition, such as Folsom Lake College, and two more community colleges that are in close proximity to Folsom include American River College and Sierra College. Within the Sacramento area, you will find Sacramento State University and UC-Davis, also exceptional education options. If you are planning on moving to Folsom with children, their public schools will ensure that they receive a public education.

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4. The food

Folsom is considered to be a small city, but it still boasts a large selection of restaurants to choose from. From casual eateries to fine dining, you are bound to find everything your heart desires in the city of Folsom. Some of the most popular options among the residents of Folsom include Marly and Moo, Samuel Horne’s Tavern, Manderes, The Fat Rabbit, Le Charenton, Sutter Street Steakhouse, Mystique Dining and many more.


5. Parks

Folsom boast some of the best parks and outdoor opportunities that are geared towards families with children. The parks in Folsom are fully equipped with playgrounds and numerous activities for children, which is why this is an amazing community for families. You can go on a picnic, fishing, or any form of fun in the sun in some of the favorite parks of the residents of Folsom, including Folsom Kids Play Park, Folsom Lake State Recreation, Lake Natoma, Livermore Community Park and Folsom Dog Park.

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6. Activities

Just like the dining scene, Folsom offers an abundance of activities and things to do around the city. You will never feel bored when living in Folsom. Some of the community favorite places to be, and things to do include Folsom Valley Railway, Folsom History Museum, Folsom Kid’s Castle Park, Folsom Aquatic Center, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area and the Folsom City Zoo. The fact that most of the cities popular points of interest are geared towards families will also provide you with an amazing family-oriented experience in this safe community.

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Living in Folsom can offer you the best of both worlds, being minutes away from Sacramento, and in close proximity to other major cities in the Bay Area, while still remaining a friendly, family-oriented, tight knit community feel with amazing education and career opportunities. The amazing blend of amenities and things to do, and the abundance of green spaces that are scattered around town completely justify the reason thousands of people become a part of the Folsom community each year. If you want to live in a safe community, with friendly neighbors and everything you could possibly need, moving to Folsom seems like an amazing option. If you need movers to help you along the way, you can contact Folsom Movers today, and become a part of our large family.

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