Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do movers pack clothing?

We provide our clients with up to 10 wardrobe boxes free of charge during their relocation. Most people don’t have the time to pack every item of clothing they own until the moving day, or they simply wish to leave their clothes and pack them last. This is where we will show up and save the day, with boxes specifically made to protect your clothing and keep it intact during transportation.

2. What will movers refuse to move?

There is only a handful of items that we would refuse to move, as our movers will even move your safes, pianos and even the most delicate pieces of furniture you might’ve come to own. However, we will not move anything that might be dangerous or harmful, such as any toxic substances, firearms, chemicals and such. You can always contact us and ask about a specific item that you might have doubts about.

3. Will the movers move a piano?

Our movers are professionally trained to move even the bulkiest, most delicate and fragile items. Our movers will move your piano if it is upright, and there are no flights of stairs involved in moving it, as we would never want to jeopardize the safety of your valuables.

4. Will movers move a safe?

Our movers will move an empty safe at no additional fee, as they are trained to move even the heaviest items you have come to own. However, there is a weight limit of 450lbs. If your safe doesn’t exceed the weight limit, we will gladly move it with ease.

5. Why tip movers?

If the moving crew you have hired have completed your move with ease, and you are satisfied with the service our movers at Folsom Movers have provided you, you always have the option to tip them as much as you would like. Tipping your movers is not mandatory, but it is always nice to commend them for a job well done.

6. How far in advance should I hire professional movers?

We at Folsom Movers always advise our customers to give us a call once they find out about their move date, at least two or three weeks in advance. If you’re planning a weekend move, or a move that is close to the end of the month, you should give us a call at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure that we have the available slot for your move to take place on your preferred move date. If you need a short notice relocation, you can always give us a call and we can check if we do have an open slot for your relocation.

7. When do the movers get paid?

Once your move is completed, the total time it took to complete your move will be calculated and that is how much you will end up paying. This is when you can pay your movers, and with Folsom Movers, you are provided with a few paying options to choose from.

8. How many movers should I hire?

You should hire movers according to your move size. Your relocation consultant at Folsom Movers will provide you with the recommended number of movers for your relocation based on our previous experience. This is a vital component to your move, as hiring a mover less than suggested can seriously prolong your move, while having an extra mover by your side will speed up your move significantly.

9. Will movers take my bed apart?

Folsom Movers offers our clients the service of disassembly and reassembly at no additional cost. This is included in every relocation we take on, and in addition, we will bring our own tools and moving equipment that is needed to complete your move successfully. We will also bring shrink wrap and moving blankets, along with dollies to ensure that you won’t have to worry about your move for a second.

10. What happens if the movers break your furniture?

We are fully insured for our customers peace of mind during the entire relocation experience. However, sometimes accidents do happen, and this is why it is important to have movers by your side that will compensate for the damage and handle these situations with great amounts of professionalism. We will take utmost care of your items during your move, and handle any unexpected situations through friendly communication and most importantly, teamwork.