12 Moving Tips

Turning your living space upside down, spending days and weeks on packing, loading everything onto your rental truck and then repeating the same process again upon arrival is never a fun time when doing it by yourself. Add the challenges of organizing everything, and the entire process of heavy lifting and you could be lift quite underwhelmed about your upcoming move – when in reality, it should be an exciting experience. Upon hiring a local moving company, you will receive a reliable moving service that will leave you completely relaxed and unbothered during the entire process. There are 12 moving tips from our moving pros that you can follow regardless, and make your move an even easier overall experience.

1. Throw everything away

If you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a relocation with boxes upon boxes with items that you simply don’t need or care for, and slowing down your relocation unnecessarily, it might be best to go through the entire process with decluttering your entire home as your main focus. Everything that can be used, but you no longer wish to own, you can donate, and throw away everything that isn’t usable anymore. You can even opt to throw a garage sale and sell some of the items you no longer wish to own.

2. Search for movers

It might be a smart decision to start searching for movers in advance, calling around and evaluating how much you are going to be spending during your moving endeavor. Consider requesting moving quotes from different companies, asking them about their moving services and find the local movers that will fit into your moving budget and fulfil your moving needs.

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3. Call your movers

When you decide what the perfect date is for your move, it might be best to give your moving company a call immediately. It is important to find moving company that best suits your moving requirements and are also reliable, licensed and insured. Let them know about your moving date as soon as possible to ensure that they have an open slot on your chosen date.

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4. Plan everything ahead

If you are extremely organized before your move takes place and during the packing process, you’ll ensure a smooth experience for you and your moves as well. You should leave as much as possible to the movers to ensure a seamless experience, but preparing yourself as much as possible before your move can only make the experience more pleasant. Prepare the layout for your new home, so you can direct your movers where to place your belongings once you arrive, and before you even think of taking your items and placing them into boxes, it is best to map out the perfect plan which you will follow during the entire packing process.

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5. Packing materials

Purchasing packing supplies for your packing experience is a vital element of your relocation, as you need to assess the type of supplies you’re going to be in the need of, the quantity you’ll be needing, and how to properly work with them. Keep in mind that it is always great to have some extra moving supplies in case any items you may own require special protection.

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6. Create an inventory

Taking notes of every item you have packed, and categorizing your items can make the world of a difference when your movers arrive. This way, if a label on your box gets damaged, torn, or wet, you will an inventory with all of the contents of your boxes with you. It may sound like a lot of insignificant effort, but in reality, it can make a world of a difference. Doing this will save you a lot of time and effort when unpacking. Make sure to check all items onto the truck at the loading location to make sure nothing was left behind.

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7. Pack least used items first

Make sure to pack your least used rooms first, and leave the most used rooms last. Start with the basement, attic or guest room, and work your way through every room based on how much you actually use the rooms and the belongings inside. Make sure to leave your most used items unpacked until the night before your move, and leave out essentials such as documents, medication and a change of clothes to keep by your side even during the moving process.

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8. Leave nothing unpacked

Some people might think it’s easier to just leave your clothes inside your dresser, or keep your drawers full for the movers to just transfer as it is and settle it into your new home, without having to pack or unpack the contents of these items. Most reliable moving companies that do not want to jeopardize the safety your items during their relocation will never advise you to leave your heavy items full of stuff.

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9. Move your boxes somewhere close to the entrance

Move your boxes into an area that is close to your front door, as this will not only speed up the relocation process when your movers arrive, but it will also help them efficiently load their moving truck without having to constantly go back and forth. This is not mandatory by any means, but will simplify and ease the entire moving process in the long run.

Move your boxes somewhere close to the entrance

10. Cancel your utilities, and set them up at your new location

It is always a smart decision to leave some spare time in your schedule to give your internet, cable, gas, and electricity providers a call to determine when you’ll be needing to shut everything off, and set them up at your new home as well. If you leave it for the last day, it can add on more needless stress to your relocation and it might even hurt your pockets.

Cancel your utilities, and set them up at your new location

11. First night kit

Consider leaving some of your your most used items unpacked, as you’ll probably be in the need of them and wouldn’t want to dive through dozens upon dozens of boxes you’ve already packed to find them once you’ve settled into your new home. Consider placing medication, tooth brushes and a change of clothes into a separate bag so you can have everything you need for your first night in your new home by your side the entire time.

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12. Change your address

Relocating to your new living space worry-free should be your top priority during your move. Consider changing your address at least a week or two in advance, and taking care of everything else regarding your move before it takes place, so you can sit back and enjoy your new home once you’ve moved in.

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